The day he stepped out of his comfort zone

In April Mathew (a.k.a. Real Joey) and I agreed for a TFP-photoshoot. I picked him and his friend up in Vaasa and we drove off to “my studio”. He warmed up his muscles while I got ready by setting up my lighting, unrolling the backdrop and emptying the cameras memory card. He had never been in front of the camera in a studio before and was quite nervous as he stepped out of his comfort zone. It turned out he was very natural and comfortable in front of the camera and the nervousity was soon forgotten. We got so many cool pictures from that photoshoot. 

His friend was filming the whole thing. Later he edited a cool video out of that material and also mada a bonusvideo for you if you ever want to do a similar photoshoot. The videos can be seen at the end of this post. Make sure you check out his amazing video and editing skills in his YouTube cannel

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Breaking out of my comfort zones has been my biggest fears. So in 2017 I have decided to break out of them. And guess what? its so fun on the other side of comfort zone. A big thank you to @forthphotography for helping me out of this comfort zone.
How to get ready for a photoshoot. the untold secrets. I was once in the same situation as you, so confused about how to go about the preparation for my first photoshoot. Thanks to youtube I gathered a lot of information and came up with my own suitable way of getting ready for a photoshoot.